Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feel like sharing again

That’s been a really long time off blogging. As I got back, a lot of time was spent discovering the account details. And then I realized, a lot has changed between the two blogging periods… Then and Now.
To start with, yes, my account details changed because I could not remember my pass word. Now I will have to let that pass because that seems to be the most benign of all the changes.
The biggest?...well…I…er…I finally reached the cross over line. I finally crossed 40. WOW!!! Now how does that feel??? YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG!!! In fact I have never felt so young and alive before. Seriously. When I realized this fact, it got me thinking. I had been hearing so much about the dreaded 40. Being an ophthalmologist, I had encountered many a frowns at the prescription of presbyopic glasses at 40. I have known aunts who would not admit to have reached ‘the mean’. But I am feeling just great. In fact I am being told that I even look younger. How is that? So here is what I reached to:

  • By this time we are through even bothering for people and their expectations-> More in control
  • Life has a certain direction and we have clear aims to look forward to-> Enthusiasm
  • Either because of increasing weight or a doctor’s prescription, we have started taking those rejuvenating exercises-> Energy and vigor
  • We have finally learnt to say NO when we do not wish to say YES-> More time for our self

I am sure some of you might start arguing that this is not true for all. No need to argue. I agree. This is not true for all but this is certainly true for all those who have started looking and feeling younger at 40.
I feel like it’s a new chance to live. I feel like having been born again. Albeit, with a difference. When I was born for the first time my parents decided how I will behave, where I will study, even what I will study. The teachers decided how I will study and what I should be working hard on. Then my spouse and the new set of parents knew exactly what was best for me. If that was not enough, the children came over to decide what music I should listen to, what time I should be getting up, what food I should like and which movies I should like!!!
Not any more sire. This is what this second birth is all about. Here, I take charge from day one. And that is where all the energy comes from.
I am loving to be 40. I am loving to be Myself!!!

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